BUYER SERVICES: Our Realtor ® Multiple Listing Service (MLS) has hundreds of properties for sale, including Homes, Land, Commercial-Investments. Call James Paradise 509-525-1828 or email and let me show you how to save money in today’s real estate market. If you need help with your first home purchase, James can help pay some of your closing cost that are allowed by your bank or lender. Visit our Property Search by click the Listing button at the top of the page. You will be able to see any listed property from any office or agent. Then call James to save money on your purchase.

SELLER DISCOUNT SERVICE: James Paradise can List your property in the Walla Walla Realtors Association Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for a flat fee or variable rate commission. This Limited Service Listing allows you to expose your Home, Land or Commercial to the largest number of people through the Internet Web Sites of Realtor Agents and Companies here in Walla Walla and around the world. Your property is displayed on the Search Programs that Agents and Companies offer the public. James was the first Realtor in our market to have a Property Search Program and you can see our current service by clicking the Listings button at the tope of the page. You can view all the listing of every office and their agents in our MLS. We have 135 members, if they bring the Seller an acceptable offer of sale, then the Seller only pays a 1/2 commission and save the other 1/2 themselves. Sellers can save thousands by doing some of the work in selling their property. If Seller finds their own Buyer, James will prepare the Purchase & Sale Agreement for the low fee and there will be NO COMMISSION. Seller saves 100% of the commission.

SELLER FULL SERVICE: James Paradise has served Sellers as a Listing Agent for over 34 years. From “Staging” your home to setting the right price for the current local market, James can provide you with experience, integrity and honest dialog about the sale of your property. As a full service Broker-Realtor, James will offer you the very best service with weekly updates on MLS Listings and Sales. Your property will be personally promoted by James to all 135 Realtors in our MLS and receive the best Internet Advertising available using major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Each property needs to be marketed to the public with the idea that it is someone’s home and one of their major investments. As a Sellers Agent, James Paradise works to help the Seller receive their highest value in today’s real estate market. Commissions is negotiable based on price of property. Call James at 509-525-1828 or email and let us talk about your future.

· Residential Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) by Broker-Realtor-
When selling real estate, it’s imperative that you price your property correctly! Pricing your property too low will result in you losing money. Pricing too high will cause buyers to avoid dealing with you, and your property will languish on the market. Homes that are initially priced right sell first, usually within the first 30 to 90 days on the market! — See more information about Residential Comparative Market Analysis

· For Sale By Owner (FSBO) – Broker-Direct Realtor® System Information
Visit any “by Owner” in the Walla Walla Marketing Area, and then call me for more details on how to view and purchase these properties. We are experienced in representing Buyer’s who purchase from an Owner directly. You can save thousands of dollars if you purchase at the right price and under favorable conditions.